[FAQ] Texas Data Center VS. California Data Center

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Many people have asked: Which data center is better - Texas or California?

In this guide I will outline the differences based upon past threads, information from Knownhost staff etc.

[FONT=&quot]Besides the obvious difference in geographical location, their is a difference in bandwidth providers in each data center:

- in Texas a BGP blended mix of InterNap, Level3, Time Warner Telecom & XO Communications
- in California a
[/FONT]BGP blended mix that consists of Qwest, Sprint, Level 3, Global Crossing, Savvis, PCCW, Tiscali and Teleglobe;

Knownhost differentiates the Texas data center from the California data center with Premium(Texas) and Double Bandwidth(California). Both data centers provide an excellent balance of premium bandwidth providers.[FONT=&quot] Double bandwidth in California is the current promotion that may be either ended or prolonged at any point of time however if you sign up while the promotion is active, the double special applies for the life of the VPS.

Another thing you may consider is in regards to the physical location of each data center. Based upon where you or potentially most of your customer base maybe located, you might considered one data center over the other based upon it's proximity to you.

The ms of latency from each data center to where you are or where most of your customer base might be is a consideration. To compare, ping each data centers IP address(shown below). For example, if you go to Start --> Run --> Type Command --> type ping ipaddresshere --> The ping to Texas might be 80 ms while the ping to California could be 50 ms which means the path from you to California is faster than the path from you to Texas.
[/FONT]The results of this test is different for each person. For those catering to overseas visitors, one could attempt to ping from a remote overseas location using a service such as this, to decide what DC is best for them.

Texas Data Center
IP Address :
California Data Center
IP Address :

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