[FAQ] How to upgrade your VPS

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Many customers have posted threads here asking for information regarding how to upgrade their VPS to another plan or how to add a la carte resources(HD Space,RAM etc.). This guide will explain the processes involved.

How to upgrade your VPS:

Upgrading to the next plan or adding disk space/RAM etc. involves no downtime, server migration or any data loss. It is automated from KH on their backend once the order is processed by the sales team.

The order/billing process itself is currently not automated so you need to email the KH sales department (sales at knownhost dot com) and let them know what you want upgrade and they will process the order for you. The sales team will add the resources to your billing account and either send you the prorated invoice or charge your credit card on file.

Once payment is received the Knownhost support team will then add the resources to your VPS.

The whole process is completed usually within an hour during business hours.


VPS Plans: https://www.knownhost.com/managed-vps
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