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Discussion in 'Network and Hardware status' started by ppc, Mar 12, 2008.

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    It is critical that every member here subscribes to the forum Network and Hardware status forum that pertains to their VPS.

    Many of us are already aware that when we reply to a thread, we get "subscribed" and receive an email notifying us of a new reply to that same thread. However, we generally do not receive e-mails when new threads are posted in forums.

    In the event of any outages, maintenances, server issues or emergencies, Knownhost makes it their business to post within minutes, many times even within seconds, a thread in the forum Network and Hardware status forum alerting us of the same. If you do not subscribe to the forum that pertains to your data center, you will not receive a notification that such outage or similar thread has been posted.
    As you may have noticed "Network and Hardware status" was split into 3 different subforums, one for each data center.

    Here's how to subscribe to the forum specific for your VPS:

    1. Go into the forum you wish to subscribe to (TX, CA, or NJ).
    2. In the top right hand corner for the forum area, you'll see a link that reads "Watch Forum". Select this like, and choose your options appropriately based on how you want to receive notifications.
    Click the image below for help finding this link.

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    Updated post to reflect correct links for new forum software.
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