Failover options

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    Not sure whether failover is the appropriate term, but anyways I`ll try and explain as best I can!

    Just wondering what the options are regarding if ever a vps goes down for some reason or other, what folks do to keep their main site up and running?

    There`s nothing worse than have the server/vps go down, all your clients are dead in the water, and your own site, support desk, email etc are also offline. Not only frustrating, it`s somewhat embarassing.

    I`ve read where some have opened a small shared hosting account on another server, and operate their main site from there. However, this is the part where I`m lost. I have little knowledge about dns, and how to setup something like this.

    I just want to avoid the scenario of having all my eggs in one basket, and would like to have something to fallback on should my vps ever go down.

    Hope I made some sense there:)

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