External Network Problems


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Looks like you need to add "A" records for your nameserver names as they're not resolving at the moment:

# host -t ns 45n5.com
45n5.com name server ns1.45n5.net.
45n5.com name server ns2.45n5.net.

# host ns1.45n5.net
Using domain server:

Host ns1.45n5.net not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

# host ns2.45n5.net
Using domain server:

Host ns2.45n5.net not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
As I can see you have cPanel in your VPS, so you can add missing "A" records by going to WHM >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone >> 45n5.net, scroll down to the "Add New Entries Below this Line" part and type something like this:

ns1  14400  IN  A
ns2  14400  IN  A
then click "Save" and allow some time for DNS propagation to complete.



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dnsstuff reported your domain correctly , just small warnings remaining because you did not make the change i said you:

WARNING: Your SOA REFRESH interval is : 86400 seconds. This seems high. You should consider decreasing this value to about 3600-7200 seconds (or higher, if using DNS NOTIFY). RFC1912 2.2 recommends a value between 1200 to 43200 seconds (20 minutes to 12 hours, with the longer time periods used for very slow Internet connections), and if you are using DNS NOTIFY the refresh value is not as important (RIPE recommend 86400 seconds if using DNS NOTIFY). This value determines how often secondary/slave nameservers check with the master for updates. A value that is too high will cause DNS changes to be in limbo for a long time.

This one looks like a bad or missing mail server configuration

Your domain does not have an SPF record. This means that spammers can easily send out E-mail that looks like it came from your domain, which can make your domain look bad (if the recipient thinks you really sent it), and can cost you money (when people complain to you, rather than the spammer). You may want to add an SPF record ASAP, as 01 Oct 2004 was the target date for domains to have SPF records in place (Hotmail, for example, started checking SPF records on 01 Oct 2004).