External Backups


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I'm curious as to what backup providers others are using for their VPS/Dedicated Server.

I think it's fantastic that KnownHost take backups every couple of days, but I'd rather have my backups stored with a different provider also.

What do you all use, and find is the most cost effective?
I'm cheap. I run a cPanel backup every 3-4 weeks and download the backups to my own local storage. I sort of like having at least something in my own two hands.
I have a cheap 4G ram Linode and a chunk of block storage attached to it. I then run the opensource URBackup server on the Linode and install the urbackup client on my Knownhost VPS. Can run full and incremental backups of files. And depending on if you have a knownhost KVM or Virtuozzo machine, you can also do incremental database backups if running KVM (datto can be installed for incremental mariadb backups). Virtuozzo does not support database incrementals unfortunately (at the vps level, on the entire node, it can run incremental backups). https://urbackup.org

Alternatively with cpanel you can schedule full backups and use the cpanel built-in ftp/rsync to a remote server and schedule backups to accomplish the same thing. But these backups are full every time they run and will take more bandwidth/disk space to store. However in an emergency, they would be in a better format (cPanel's) to restore an entire account, or all accounts.

We run a combination of both of the above; urbackup incrementals every 24 hrs (more often on 2 really busy websites), full cpanel backup of every account offsite every 7 days. And we have a small linode server that is pre-configured with a cpanel license, and the same cpanel settings (easyapache, php versions, tweak settings, some custom software we have, blah, blah, blah). This server's capacity could be upgraded and IP addresses provisioned quickly, and be ready to go to migrate sites to in an emergency. We also use this server for testing, etc.