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  1. NeilHerbert

    NeilHerbert YummyHost

    Hey I'm wondering if anyone has had any luck getting Eximscan to work nicely on any cPanel VPS?

    I've configured it to run with clamav but it delays all mail going in and out by anything from half an hour to several hours. It seems like it's more hassle than its worth. Has anyone got any better solutions to mail scanning other than eximscan and mailscan?

  2. Dan

    Dan Moderator

    Hello Neil,

    I assume you mean exiscan? And are you using Spamassassin in conjunction?

    Those questions unknown my guess is that what you are seeing is greylisting. It is a very very effective way of blocking spam but if the spam software does not provide a way for you the use to white list addresses then all of your incoming email will continue to be run through the greylist filter. The way it works follows the simple rule that emails being sent from valid servers will be retried. Almost all spammers will do a "fire and forget" so their server never retries and the email is blocked.

    In order for this to work for people you want a package that is interactive so your users can add addresses to the whitelist and they can also send emails back to the server saying "no this is not spam" or "this is spam" and the software will block or unblock as reported.

    Another thing I have noticed using exim ACLs is that they can sometimes greatly increase exim's load on the server.

    Hope that helps some!
  3. NeilHerbert

    NeilHerbert YummyHost

    Thanks, have you any suggestions to alternative mail virus scanning software? I know there is the plugin for cPanel to allow clamd scan mail but I'm more interested in automatically scanning.

  4. Dan

    Dan Moderator


    It shouldn't be the virus scanning and if it is then something has gone wrong with it as it should only take seconds. If all that has been enabled is the virus scanning then I would take a look though the logs to see if it is actually the scanning taking so long. If so go through the config step by step again to insure everything was done correctly.

    I use Clamav too which is called by ASSP and I have watched the logs and seen where a virus scan, as I said, takes no time to a few seconds.

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