European Datacentre


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Has Knownhost any plans to add a European based datacentre?

The reason that I ask is that I have just read on this thread that knownhost has many customers based in Europe:-

and I wondered if that level of customer base may indeed warrant a server or two in the EU?.

I don't have any complaints about the TX based datacentre, but miss the lightening page load speeds which I used to get from the Ireland based resellor account, which I had prior to moving to a VPS with KH - plus cpanel and WHM still seem to take minutes to load :( in comparison.

I know that a lot of this, is beyond Knownhost's control and that high ping times and occasional internet traffic bottlenecks between the UK and US are always going to be an issue, but I just thought that with the aforementioned, publicised growing EU customer base, that perhaps a EU based Datacentre could bring the best of both worlds?

Just a suggestion, and in no way a complaint, and shouldn't be taken as such ;).
it definatly would be nice to have a European datacentre, but the only issue I can really see with it is the cost. KH wouldn't be able to offer such fantastic pricing. Everything in Europe is twice the price of that in the US.

Saying that, I'd still like to see a local dc.
I'm from the UK, although in my experience EU hosting is *much* more expensive than US hosting. Hence I think that it'd be quite a financial landmine for KnownHost to start offering services in Europe as well. Although obviously I'm not an expert (in EU datacentres, or KH finances) hence I may be 100% wrong here :)
Wouldn't it make more sense to select a European hosting provider if you wanted your server to be in Europe?
+1 on this

I would also be interested in a node located in Europe. I think there are several comparative data centres in Amsterdam and Belgium that may suit a small scalable European hosting product for Knownhost. There are a few hosting companies that offer servers in various datacentres and with the service level that KH offers, surely many European clients would be interested.