Errors on wordpress (File Permission Issues)

A Raheja

New Member
Hi all,
I am very new to VPS and experienced the following errors on my wordpress website.... never any issue arose while it was at a Shared Hosting for the last 4 years...

Screenshot_2.jpg Screenshot_3.jpg

Also there were issues as to uploading of image, until I changed the permission to CHMOD 777 to the upload folder and the sub-directory. How to fix this, so that I don;t have to change the permissions to 777, which I believe can be a security risk.

Further, how to install the Wordpress updates without asking for FTP password again and again. Please guide.

Thanks in anticipation.
Welcome to KH.

The reason you're needing to CHMOD files to 777 is due to the default PHP handler being set to DSO, this also requires you to give WP the FTP password among other things for updates.

We can swap your VPS over to use suPHP which will keep all of the files under your account username and allow WP to update without requiring FTP.

The reason this can happen is under DSO Apache runs all PHP scripts as the user "nobody" however, with suPHP all PHP scripts are run under each accounts username, so it allow the files to be modified with a lower permission set and generally speaking requires less knowledge about the CHMOD system to operate.

If you'd like for us to swap you over just simply open a support ticket and one of our technicians will be glad to assist you.
Thanks Mr Pearson for the quick response, I will accordingly raise a ticket, but does that mean that the server is more secured with the current settings ?