Error in WHM after enabling/installing Munin

Discussion in 'Linux VPS/Dedicated - cPanel' started by Nicki, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Nicki

    Nicki Member

    Hey guys, upon reading Munin recommended in another thread on here, I logged into WHM and went to cPanel, Manage Plugins, and checked "Install and keep updated."

    It seemed to have installed with no issue, but if I go to Plugins, Munin Service Monitor, I get this:

    I'm at work and don't have my iPad with me to ssh into my VPS. Can this be fixed via browser? Or via console only? (sorry, I forgot how to potato...)

  2. KH-Mathew

    KH-Mathew Systems Administration Staff Member

    Hey Nicki,

    This is via WHM.
    Send me a PM with your IP and I will check it out for you if you need me to.
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  3. Nicki

    Nicki Member

    Ah hah! That's what I was missing. Thanks, Mathew! :)

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