Emails to Hotmail disappear

Hotmail support reply:


I forwarded your issue to our filtering department for further investigation. You will be contacted once the investigation is completed.

Windows Live Hotmail Domain Support


Maybe I am progressing ...
Yes, your SPF looks ok now. I hope it will work for you.

At this time, your emails will still not get through because Hotmail has already blocked your IP. Even with the correct RDNS and SPF, you will still have to wait for Hotmail to recognize your IP. Provide your IP, RDNS and SPF details to Hotmail.

They should next ask you to send a test message to a special email address which they will provide. Only after that will their Filter Dept unblock you if ther checking passes. Wait for their reply and let us know how it goes.
In the event you are actually successful with this, could you please outline the exact steps you took to get this resolved?
Very good news guys,

I recevei a reply from hotmail filter dept adn my VPS was unblocked. I already test and message was delivered fine on hotmail INBOX.

I would like to say a special thanks for mylinear. Mylinear gave me the way of the rocks. Thanks a lot Mylinear.

Hotmail support told me:
"I am pleased to inform you that we have taken steps to implement a temporary mitigation to your mail delivery problem. The mitigation will take 24-48 hours to fully reflect in our system.

During the mitigation period your emails should not experience any issues arriving in Hotmail customer's inboxes. This period will also give our filters sufficient time to learn enough about your mailing practices that after the mitigation expires your mails shouldn't any issues with arriving in our Hotmail customer's inboxes. Hotmail has created group of programs that should benefit your mailings during this time. To help avoid future issues I would strongly suggest enrolling-in or implementing these if you have not already ..."

My case was somewhat odd. I could send emails to certain hotmail accounts, but not to other hotmail accounts, or some MSN accounts.

I emailed hotmail (via the form listed above), and they came back very quickly saying that my IP was being blocked by their server, with the mail being marked as spam. The chick who wrote me seemed quite rude, and really wasn't willing at all to help me out, not to mention she gave me a return email address that didn't exist on their system.

In any event, I did the "v=spf1 a mx -all" as was mentioned earlier in this thread, and things IMMEDIATELY started working. So far so good. I'll keep my fingers crossed and hope that this fixed the problem permanently. I never had a problem with Yahoo or AOL. Hotmail was the last hurdle to overcome.

Thanks for the info! Hope it will help others as well.
Maybe I spoke too soon. Seems that some are indeed going through, but some others are getting stuck in the junk folder or not making it through at all. Damn Hotmail. Argh!
I have a solution :)

Send everyone you know that has a hotmail address a Gmail invite and tell them if they want to be sure to get their email to use it instead! :D
Ha ha ha! Oh trust me, I hate Hotmail, and would never wish it on my worst enemies. Unfortunately, many (most) of our clients need to send emails to folk with Hotmail accounts, and they're the ones having issues.