Emails - 'bulk' and port 587



Hi, I have a reseller hosting business with customers who need the following facilities:

1) To be able to send emails to their clients on an email list which may number up to 300 emails in one go.
These are sent using either outlook express, mozilla thunderbird, or the php mail function from lists held on a mysql database.
Would this be classed as spam under your AUP, and would the mailserver on a VPS (looking at VPS-L) cope?

2) Some of my customers use AOL for their broadband provider. AOL require port 587 (not 25) to be opened on the SMTP mailserver. Would I be able to open port 587 on the VPS package (will be using CP/WHM).

Thanks for your help.

I believe you emailed our sales department so you should have received an answer. :)