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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mark "HayStack" Wells, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. Please add all email addresses used to communicate with your clients to your welcome message so clients know to whitelist. I had an abuse ticket due to a compromised email (which I asked support about prior to the abuse ticket and was told wasn't originating from my server... but that's for another thread), and I never got the tickets because they hit the spam folder. Then my VPS is down, and I have no idea why until it takes support an hour to tell me I had an abuse suspension. It's been a very frustrating morning that could've been prevented had I known to whitelist [email protected] in my email.
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    Depending on your email client you could just white-list [email protected] so all emails from said domain would come through.
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  4. KH-Jonathan

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    We recommend using an email adddress not hosted on a KH system for your contact email with us.

    I'll look into why these messages may be routing to spam folders, but it's probably from people clicking "spam".

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