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My clients need a email solution with more space like gmail or outlook. vps has "little" space, many clients have gone because they want access to all emails everywhere.

Please launch a solution for that.
Hi @Carlos thanks for the suggestion. We don't have anything in the works that would be specifically email based at this time but we will absolutely consider it. One thing you have to consider, is that email services are not really intended as file storage services. It is true, a lot of clients will end up using email as a file storage service, retaining emails with large attachments etc can inflate the size of an email inbox dramatically.

When you look at the services such as Gmail, on average a client will pay @ minimum $5 per month per email user. Often times a single domains worth of email would cost a user more than our largest VPS package on a monthly basis. If you have users requiring very large email storage, a dedicated server with a large second or third drive can make this cost effective on scale.

Thanks for providing us your feedback though I appreciate it!
I'm having the same issue with my VPS and emails. IMAP is making our VPS barely making the cut as new SSD packages provided by most of the hosting company stopped the growth of larger disk space to the customers.

I got a MVPS4 with only a handful of account on them (all local businesses) and they are using 65% of disk space for emails only. I would love to get access to MVPS5, 6 or 7 but can't. Just spin off a new VPS instead and bite the profit lost.

I would not like to use a dedicated server as it doesn't have the background safety of the MVPS as backup, chasis swap, etc.. It's fun to have full power with a dedicated server but I don't see myself as managing it in case of a disaster(drive crash)

Just pass the 4 year mark on my VPS with knownhost and never had any issues!!! (november 2013) so it's hard to move to a dedicated server!

@Jean Boudreau @Carlos if we did offer an email only type hosting solution what kind of pricing & extra features would you like to see with it?

Email only products do have some challenges esp when it comes to filtering and reputations so that's something we have to consider but I'm not opposed to further exploration on the topic.

@KH-DanielP you got a point for an email solution that could tied up a lot of staff and ressources when it comes to filtering and reputation management. I think it would attract spammers unless prices are increased a bit more then competitors offers OR a customer would need to have a valid hosting plan before oredering email hosting(As an addon)

I know that cPanel is working on "Server Profile" which include Standard, Database, DNS or Mail node so this could lead to a solution for mail hosting an IMAP usage.

For my part, I'm looking at intergrating the new Zoho cPanel plugin to offer at least free 5GB mail boxes per user but I would loose the part that I can fully managed the services myself and fix issues with my customers. With ConfigServer MailScanner, it makes my life easier but stuck with limited SSD disk space unless I take a dedicated server but without RAID10, I would not feel comfortable to use one.

Bottom line is that I/we should have implemented our hosting packages to control a bit more the disk space customers uses. I've oversell a bit as I took the risk that SSD disk space would make a leap but it did not yet.

Let's hope cPanel Server Profile will help us in the near future as soon as it hit phase 5. In the mean time, spinning off more VPS!