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Discussion in 'Pre-Sales Questions' started by Unregistered, Dec 1, 2006.

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    I am thinking to order a VPS plan to act as mail server.
    All hosts in server A will connect to a VPS, named B, as email server. Users in server A will send mail to exim service of server A then exim forward mail to B. B will work as a gateway to send out mail. I will setting to prevent user send spam by limit mail out per hour. How can I config A and B to work?
    The reason is server A behind a firewall and not allow outside access to popular port.
    Does VPS-M plan good for this case? And how to config?
  2. KH-Joel

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    A VPS would be good for this type of setup but the amount of emails you intend to send will determine the appropriate VPS plan for your needs. The good thing is you can easily upgrade your VPS with no downtime, etc so you don't have to worry about migrating if the VPS M is too small. Regarding how to configure it the way you detailed above that isn't something we would be able to support but if you have specific questions our support team will do their best to help you or steer you in the right direction. Any further questions let us know.

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    How may emails per hour (approx) do you think 'VPS M' can handle


    How may emails per hour (approx) do you think 'VPS M' can handle for a single community site ?

    I too have a huge community site with 5000 members. I allow them to send PM to each other, send them mails on registration, reset password etc.., new post notification etc..

  4. KH-Joel

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    That is tough to answer as many things factor in. We have a 30 day money back guarantee so if it doesn't work out you can get your money back. We also offer a la carte upgrade options so you can upgrade what you actually require.


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