Eliminating Default Page Once Site Terminated


I have terminated a website hosting and parked the domain. Now when I enter this domain name into my web browser, it returns a default page and still references the domain name as if it may be a temporary problem and recommends contacting the hosting provider. I would prefer that some nondescript page be displayed with no reference to anything that has to do with the domain. Where or what do I need to do to eliminate this default page which appears to be coming from my VPS hosting? Thanks Much ! ! !
Hello WRMercier,

If you park a domain then it will still be active and the default cPanel page will be shown.

If you want the domain to go away completely then you should delete the original account (sounds like you did this already) and then not park or do anything with it after that.

Hope that helps!
Thanks for the info. I did indeed do as you suggested. I just failed to give it a bit of time to take hold. As you noted it has now gone away. Thanks for the info and response.