edit emails sent to root


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Hi all,

New here...

How do I edit the emails that get sent to root? some of those are really unnecessary.

Hi bymannan and welcome to KH :)

I only get 2 sent to me daily. One for cPanel updates and one for logwatch but you make it sound like you get more than that. If you give us some additional information we might be able to help out.

I get one every time I login with ssh (not root), and I get "Excessive resource usage"... I really don't need those. I'd keep root related stuff, but I am not sure I need all the other.

Thanks again.
Hi bymannan,

Ok so I guess I forgot about the SSH login email lol

It sounds like you want to disable the excessive resource usage emails. I would think you would want to know when someone's using excessive resources so that you could address the problem.