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I was wondering if these VPS's have eAccelerator and if not is it advisable to install it.
I am finding php and most script based pages are a bit slow and I'd like to improve performance. I've thought about litespeed but it's an additional cost.

I also wonder if it's a memory hog when I have a number of accounts on the server.

Any thoughts?

Personally I'd shy away from eAccelerator. If you need a php accelerator I'd recommend APC as it tends to work very well with no code changes.
Firstly, are VPS's configured with a PHP accelerator when purchased and how d I tell if one is installed?
Also, can KH install APC and is there any risk of websites breaking?
Are there any good references out there I can be pointed to?

Hey awehost,

VPS's are not provisioned with any php cache by default but support will install it for you. The method I always use is to install it as a PECL extension. You can see what modules are installed currently by issuing the command "php -m" from a terminal. Here are some links for reference on APC usage:

There are also some plugins for different CMS's that make use of APC. Make sure that if you use any they are from reputable sources since anyone can make a CMS plugin and distribute it.