Download Virtuozzo Backups?


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Is there any way to download the Virtuozzo Backups either in part or in full? I have a user who deleted some emails and I was going to see about possibly retrieving them.

I have backups, but I overwrite them each time and it may not go back far enough.

I'm just wondering, I understand if it isn't possible and have already warned the user that it may not be possible at all.

As far as I know of you can't download your Virtuozzo Backups. You can obviously download say your whm/cpanel though.

I've read a post on here before about someone that had knownhost support retreive the necessary files/folders from the Virtuozzo backup for them. I'm sure they could extract them to some directory in your account for you. Never hurts to contact or ask.

I haven't looked at my whm/cpanel backups lately but if I remember right they too have backup mail files in them which can be downloaded. No fun downloading huge files every night, unless you have a super fast connection. Even then you could be talking several gigs. I do mine weekly and download them to my computer and later burn them to a dvd, I keep them around for a while and destroy them as need be way down the road.

Anyway just a thought or idea for you.
That is what I figured.

I'm waiting for the user to respond. I'm not sure when he deleted the email he wants to get back. I have a weekly backup setup as a cron that sends all of my sites to my home ftp computer. However, they are always named the same thing, so my last one is from this past Sunday. So if he received and/or deleted it after that, I will have to try a support ticket.

Thanks for the info though.