doubt as scalable plan vps


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Hello :)
I want to buy a plan "VPS SSD-1", but if i have the need to scale the plan example "SSD-2" I have to pay again everything? or just the difference, I have the intention of purchasing for 1 year o_O

I take advantage, I want to wordpress and a simple page, now I have sites in a shared hosting, receipt 100-1000 visitors a day, I made an consult with your team by ticket and I advised the SSD1, but the migration to take place a long time? or difficult? :eek: coming from cpanel, of course would buy the vps with cpanel also :D

theme wordpress working now:

regards :cool:

If you purchase a SSD-1 package for the year and decide to upgrade to the SSD-2 package you would simply pay the difference between the two packages. Your VPS would remain the same and your IP's would not change. It is an inplace upgrade without downtime.

Let us know if you have any further questions!
@KH-DanielP Hi,
woow is very faster your support, thanks for your answer, you replied me just what I needed to know

thank you very much, I hope soon confirmed