Don't Email My Password


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Suggestion: when signing up, don't email me my username and password in clear text. If you do feel this is necessary prompt the user when signing up to get permission first. This is a password I use for a number of services, now that it's been sent to me in clear text I feel the need to go and change all my passwords.

Please warn or ask the user before sending a password in clear text in an email!
This is a feature of Modernbill which is the current system we use. We will be switching billing systems in the future so this won't be a concern. unfortunately there is no way around this so it will be changed when we switch systems. Hope this helps.

While it is not a good idea to email passwords in clear text, it is also not a good idea to use the same password for various different services.

So markhr, since you are very concious about the clear text password issue, I hope you will also be cautious and have unique passwords for your different services. This will be less of a security risk if one of your passwords is compromised.
If you are concerned about your password, you should use a completely random (and complex) password for every single service you use. Using the same password for many different services is not only not recommended, it's just plain dumb.

The way I look at it, KH just did you a favor. Now go change all your passwords using a method I described above, and you'll feel far more secure. :confused:
use Lastpass

For password generation and remembering I use a piece of software called Lastpass it is free and also has 32 bit and 64 bit versions with plugins for IE and FF.

It definitely falls into my 'must have' category :)
How could you remember all your passwords for all your services? I have 3 passwords that I rotate between services... If it's not one, it must be one of the others.
Dont Email My Password

this is widespread practice, but a security issue.with the lost password feature there is no reason to send passwords.