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    I have a VPS cPanel account with KH and have set up a new account for a domain (say with account name mysite). On that account I have also parked 5 other domains (e.g.,, etc.). My customer now tells me that he would like one of the parked domains to be his "main" site URL (e.g. and his marketing campaign will now revolve around that domain.

    My understanding is that I can access any file or directory on the account using any of the 6 domain names, and in practice I have tried that and all seems to be OK.

    My first question here is will everything work as expected (i.e. as if the parked domain is the main domain) or or would it be best if I set everything up on a new account for the main domain?

    I will also need to set up a secure SSL certificate for customer's main domain (i.e. so my second question is can I even have an SSL certificate and fixed IP address allocated to a parked domain?

    Any help would be appreciated!!

    Thanks Paul
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    Hi there paulb,

    I think that this will end up being your deciding factor and I do not have an answer for you on it. Best way to get that answered would be to shoot a ticket into support and see what they say :)

    Hope that helps!

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