Domain Parking: Do I need an account for each domain?


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Hello there

I am on a VPS plan and have a couple of domain names that are currently not being used.
They currently point to a page at my domain registrar but I was wondering if there was an easy way to redirect them to a page on my VPS with a contact form or so.

I can do low level redirects at my registrar, so I guess I could create an account on my VPS for 1 domain, create the content, then forward all other domains at my registrar to this one domain.

Just curious if there are other suggestions or better ways to do that. I have not explored the 'local' VPS options around domain parking, so maybe there is a more efficient method there.

Any ideas? :)
Hi MacDingo,

I'd think the easiest way to do it would be to create an account for one of the domain names and then in cPanel just park the other domains on it. Then at the registrar change the nameservers for each domain to the nameservers for your VPS.
Thanks Dan

I will give that a go...
I assume in that case all domains would point to the same page, is that correct?