Domain on VPS Question




I have a website with another company on nomrla Shared Hosting. I wish to transfer site over to Known Host on a Managed Hybrid VPS.

The domain for this site is for example:

When i purchased my Managed Hybrid VPS, Do i have to use this domain and then transfer my files over?

Or do i have to use a different domain like so then this domain becomes the "primary" domain and then from there, i go ahead and setup my hosting accounts e.g.

Can you please explain this area? As I am a bit confused with it. Am i basically purchasing a VPS to become sort of like the "Provider" of hosting accounts?

What if i've accidently purchased the hosting with the domain am i still able to put my site live with this domain?


moving to VPS

You can purchase VPS with your and then all you have to do is migrate content of your website over to VPS, and just swap name servers at your registrar from old to your new name servers and your website will be running on your VPS without interuption.
Hi Kim,

I would answer that question based on what you want your server name to be and what you are going to be doing with it.

If you are only ever going to host this one domain and do not care that the server name will be then by all means go with that.

But if you are going to be hosting other domains you might want a server name more akin to a hosting name in which case you would of course need to come up with your hosting domain name :)

Hope that helps