Domain Name Management


Time Lord
I have a few questions about how much power your customers have over domain names.

First off, as a reseller, would domain name purchasing be done through KnownHost? Or would I have to find a domain name provider and register an account through them?

Secondly, I'm interested in forwarding specific ports on a domain (to manage an IRC network). Would I be able to do that with KnownHost? If not, do you know domain name providers that allow that much control? (This question doesn't really affect if I'll buy from KH or not. But its a matter I need handled quickly. Thanks)

We allow you to register one domain with the original order but registering domain names is not something we do. We always recommend most to register domains at an actual domain registrar as it is a much better business practice.

We do not allow actual IRC on our VPS's so not sure if this is what you mean so it may be good to run this by our support team.

There won't be any IRC software running here. I'm just interested in taking a domain name and forwarding it.

Say I purchased I wanted to forward to our IRC server, which is at some external location ( However, it connect, port 6667 would need to be forwarded. Would that be possible?
Since I'm so... not knowledgable about nameservers... would I be able to forward ports as needed with a private nameserver?

Port forwarding is not something that can be done on DNS level. I'm also not sure what kind of port forwarding and why you need for private nameservers

I'm just going by what I've read on other sites.

Here's my example (and no, none of the IRC software would be run on your systems):
I have an IRC network with three servers.
Server A -
Server B -
Server C -

IRC typically works on port 6667. I'd like to set up subdomains to point to each server. So... would point to Server A's IP would point to Server B's IP would point to Server C's IP

The current hosts I have sites with do not have a way for me to control the DNS and where the subdomains forward on a port level. I'm wondering where/how I would be able to control such aspects of my domain.

And while I'm talking on domains, how many come with the reseller package?
You'll just need to add records like following into the DNS zone: IN A IN A IN A

And then connect to using your IRC client.

All our reseller packages come with unlimited domains

Thanks. I'll keep that in mind. I will see if I can do something similar with some sites I'm hosting now.
One more domain question... Unlimited come with the reseller packages? How many come free with the package?
I'm so full of questions that I must be boring some of you. :) How are domain registrations handled? As a reseller, would I be required to get an account with someone like eNom?

Are you a customer of ours? Regarding the domain registrations we aren't a domain registrar so you can only register one domain with us with your order. To actually resell domains you would need to signup with someone like Enom. We use Enom and highly recommend them. Easy to do.

I'm not a customer yet, but I am thinking I will be, soon. And thanks for recommending eNom. :) I was told about them some time ago and have been looking up information about them as well.