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    How do you configure a domain (at the registrar) for VPS server?

    I just migrated some sites to my new VPS. And I'm new to VPS as well...

    I was previously on a reseller hosting, but their support sucks so bad I decided to change to KH.

    I dont know how to point my domain to KH VPS.

    previously I only know about changing the nameservers, as in

    And that was it, after a few hours, I can access any site with that DNS change...That was all I knew....

    ===== Fast forward to today ==========

    But now, I learned I need to register a pair of new nameservers with new ips.

    My domain is with Namecheap.

    So I changed it to : with ip of
    ns2.mydomain,com with ip of is the ip I was given when I signed up...

    Is that all I need to do? I have left the nameservers still pointing at:

    Should I blank them out? Or change them? Cos the domain still resolving to

    It has been 7 hours since I changed change...what did I do wrong, if any? Thanks
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    Welcome to KH.
    After registering the new nameservers at the 'Nameserver Registration' page you should go to the 'Domain Name Server Setup' page and change the nameservers to the ones you registered.
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  4. Webz

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    ThAnKs for the ExPlanatioN [^'_'^]

    Will do as you said...

    BTW, do you use Namecheap? A fairly good domain registrar and they even have a domain marketplace to buy domains..

    KH = Good webhost. Glad to be here.
  5. ppc

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  6. Webz

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    To KnownHost,

    Now I know why you have such great feedback everywhere. Your support is just about the best I have ever experienced. Your site is not flashy or anything, but you folks know how to get the job done, which is all that matters. And you understand what customer support really is all about.

    It's not that my former host was so bad, they are still quite ok, and are trying hard... but I have to agree, support is the best I have yet KnownHost.

    Very professional, very cool, very calm.

    Thank you.
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    I'm still confused

    I'm still a little bit confused on the nameserver part. If I have a domain on the shared ip address of my vps, do I put both of the original ip addresses in as the nameserver, do I use namecheap's nameserver or something else?

    If I have some unique ip addresses on the vps, what do I put in for the name servers?

    Then do I have to put nameserver info somewhere within whm?
  8. Wired Techie

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    Maybe I can help

    When you received your signup mail, there should be a part in there under first steps which they say to register your name servers with the name and ip addresses they give you. If your main signup domain was your signup mail would contain and each followed by an ip address you would then goto your registrar (namecheap in your case) select your domain ( and select CREATE name server enter whatever the domain and ip address they gave you for ns1 and ns2 in your signup mail.

    Once that is set up, go back to your registrars domain control panel and select your domain again, but this time select MANAGE DNS Settings and put your ns1 and ns2 domains in there (You won't need an ip address here)

    It can take the internet up to 72 hours to update all the DNS servers (Propigation) . Once your nameserver is successfully registered, you shouldn't have to worry about it. On the rest of your domains that are shared or unique you would simply use the manage DNS area of your registrar and stick your nameservers ns1 and ns2 hostnames in there.

    A nameserver is simply a name for a DNS server, Since the VPS comes with its own DNS server assigned to your signup domain, the other DNS servers on the internet don't know about it yet which is why you need to register or create a nameserver record at your registrar.

    In the end when someone does a WHOIS lookup on any of your domains you put on the VPS, it should show your nameservers at your signup domain on all of them. This way it makes it less obvious to others reading the whois record that your really on kH.

    Hoped I helped ya a little,

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    nameserver questions

    I have a couple of problems
    Im trying to move my sites from my shared host to my new VPS..(im new to server management)

    I have Godaddy registrar where i usually just add custom nameservers But when i try and add the namerservers in godaddy it says
    "Errors were detected"

    1). I set these up myself do i have to wait 24hrs before i can use them in godaddy?

    2). DO i have to have my main domain name as the hostname for all my domains ? or can i have custom nameservers for each domain ?

    3). Do i have to have nameservers that match my site o can i have odd names such as ?? or do i have to own the domain in order to use it as a nameserver ?
    4). What is an A entry for ? "Add an A Entry for your Hostname" what does it do ?
    5). What is the resolver configuration ? do i need to change them to the I.P adresses i was given in my welcome mail ? or are these already set up.. What is the resolver used for ?
  10. Wired Techie

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    Re: domain confiiguration

    (Easy to do if other sites host used Cpanel)

    Make sure that your not confusing registering name servers with pointing your domain to a name server, to register your nameservers (first make sure that their running) and go here:

    You will need to wait a while before you will be able to point your domains to the newly registered name servers You may get an error if you try to soon because your nameservers haven't registered accross the internet yet.

    Anybody out there want to take this question (I'm not perfect :))

    IThey need to be valid registered domain names

    An A record simply maps an IP address to a domain name

    A resolver resolves hostnames to ip addresses, however, this is usually fixed when you add the a record in WHM.

    I'm sure a missed a few points (anyone out there want to grade me on this?) and that I'll be corrected but I think I'm fairly close.


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