Do you use vbulletin?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by K24, Jan 16, 2009.

  1. K24

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    Do you use vbulletin?
    Just wondered what the performance is like for your board using the servers here comapred to shared hosting. I havent managed to use mine yet, so it be good to read back on this when mines operational.

    On my old host quite a few times I would get 'failure to connect to database' or the page would freeze then suddenly load.

    What about server load with shoutboxs other modifications added, I have notice that compared to pphboards vbulletin does use more resources on shared hosting. In the past my hosters telling or just switching my site of cause of intensive cpu usage till I upgrade or optimize the database which works for a while then I would get the same issue again..anyone else this happens to?
  2. Mike54

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    There are several here who use vBulletin. I run three vB sites of my own.

    The three forums came from two different shared hosting providers. One was an excellent host and I was actually reluctant to move two of my forums from their server. I rarely had any issues with them at all. The third forum's host left a L-O-T to be desired and was a constant source of aggravation. MySQL service was a joke and support was even worse.

    Moving to KH was the best thing that ever happened to me. The only problems I've had here have been of the self-inflicted variety. :eek: But support has always been very polite, extremely helpful and fast. I've forgotten what downtime was like, as it just doesn't happen here. I've not seen a database connection error in the nine months I've been here. And when my forum members are commenting on how much faster the forums load, that tells me the decision to move to KH was a good one.

    My only regret about being a KH customer? It took me too long to find them! ;)
  3. K24

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    Im going to sound gay saying this, but my normal html pages are just loading super fast lol and im excited thinkng, I wonder how fast vb is going to run compared to before...

    I used to get so many complaints and people just saying "the scores in the acrade didnt save, or finally its connected" blah blah

    I used to dredd making posts at time, incase I click submit and it says failure to connect or some other rubbish, and the amount of times. my old hosts kept putting me into the corner by switching my site of time to time saying its using to much resources and I shoudl upgrade to a dedicated server (£75 mth) gotta be joking ! the funny part was once I had only 6 people on me forum an I took a screen shot, and I thought how can 6 people use so much resources, once I was the only person on me forum working away on it l8 night and im editing the templates and it fails to connect:mad:
  4. Jeren

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    It sounds like you've had a rough history with hosts, K24. I'm sure you'll find KnownHost to be very helpful when it comes to what they offer. They'll make sure you have a stable hosting environment and, as you are already seeing, you can find help quickly via their support tickets.

    And you also find helpful people on here as well. :)
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  6. K24

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    Its been a rollarcoaster ride, not sure if we can name hosting companies, ive only shifted me site to about 3 hosting places, and Im certain one was run from some kids basement, I stuck it on on that for a year. ...But ive been using vb for quite some time now from the vb 2.3 days till now. I prefer vb compared to any other board. I was clicking round on posts/ppls links and was happy to see vb boards up, cause it gave me and idea of how many run of KH

    Do you lot optimize your tables much? or have any cpu problems?
  7. K24

    K24 Member

    Hello! How many hosters have you used prior to KH?

    Like the design to this: and
  8. sparky5693

    sparky5693 New Member

    KH is great for vbulletin. Stop thinking about it, and just do it.... you'll thank us all later.
  9. K24

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    Just wondered mainly about the performance of vb @sparky.

    I signed up but I was having probs with me old hosts... So I never got to test things out fully.

    But it appears to be working nw, and its defo loading faster and seems heck of alot stable then what I used to be on.
  10. Mike54

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    Are you having a wee dig at me for some reason or another? :D

    Thanks, Sparky!
  11. New Member

    Two, and both canme highly recommended from associates but both failed to handle vBulletin even though BOTH claimed to be vBulletin friendly.

    All the websites I posted previously were built by me. New Life Christian Books was built for my dads store. The other one built for myself and the small website building site I'm starting up. It will be mainly for local businesses in my area.
  12. K24

    K24 Member

    Seems pretty cool, im always browsin around at designs, its nice to see what people come up with/

    I can see the difference from shared hosting and vps now, it seems I was living in the stone age before...I also noticed that even tho alot of shared hosting sites seem ok, for vbulletin during my exp its just not ideal at all.

    The amount of downtime ive had on shared hosting with vbulletin compared to a phpbard or invision has never been so high.

    My last host (and tis is quite funny..I even took a screen shot of the ticket cause I couldnt stop lauging) the reason I kept getting disconnected was my database for vb was to large ...I remember messaging them back saying...well how do other larger forums cope then? cause am 100% sure mines just a cup of water comapared to their ocean size databases...And just usin vps here past few days, Ive had no down time at all, none...even my members are finding it more pleasurable to use.

    For them trying to make a post and the screen failing on them with errors...Overall I do find it expensive compared to before, but its a change for the better, and to know my site is in a reliable helpful place ...just less hassle.
  13. Jeren

    Jeren Time Lord

    A VPS is definitely a step up from shared hosting. Plus, given the control you have over the hosting environment, you really have so much room to really expand at this point.

    It may be a bit more costly than shared hosting, but also consider what you get for your money. It definitely is worth the cost. :) Plus, given the size of the forum you seem to be running, donations or advertisements could help you offset the increased cost of the VPS.

    That's just an idea, at least.
  14. Sherrie

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    I only just moved over yesterday to a VPS from shared hosting so I can't offer much in respect to vbulletin on a VPS. The reason for my moving was the previous host was becoming increasingly sluggish and support was not very helpful. I started receiving a lot of traffic one night from google after something was aired on a local current affairs program in which we happened to have a thread on the subject that ranked high. Anyway, this resulted in an unfair suspension so once I got back in, I arranged new hosting. However, because of the downtime, traffic is still a bit slower then what it usually is but even still, with 41 people browsing my forum just now this is my server load:

    Server Load 0.02 (4 cpus)

    Forum pages seem to be running fast, initially posting was sluggish but this seems to have rectified itself for now.
  15. K24

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    Defo ! In the past Ive always had to balance what I can or not keep on the site due to cpu usage or limit members to certain features time to time...So moving on here has defo improved and taken away that problem.

    I was sreading round and noticed alot of people using vb on shared hosting have cpu issues, specially those with mods/hacks installed.

    At the moment advertisng and previous donations have helped, I only started to place adverts around the site since last August.
    Before I was dead set againts the idea of placing adverts around the site...I just felt it spoils the whole look of a site...Overall if it helps with costs and doesnt flood the place with popups to the members, then ok I guess.

    Hope your move went smoothly, mine was a pain with my old webhosts not speeding up with my domain transfers to another provider, so I had more downtime and issues back n forth.

    I was impressed with the speed of the pages loading and the time it now takes to make posts compared to before...I still expect for something to screw up...I guess its a habit comming from shared hosting when you expect to wake up and have a bitter email from the web host with the site just switched off. I think its been just about a week now for me with the site back up and running...After a month or two I'll be able to calculate fully on the full costs/upgrades an changes to be done.

    I better get back to modding...l8 all.
  16. kittydink

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    Another VBulletin user here.....

    Went from shared hosting to VPS on Known Host, it has been fantastic so far.. Much faster

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