Do not upgrade old VPS with virtual CPUs to new one: appalling performance



today I asked to support@ and billing@ how I could upgrade my VPS (the old one with 50gb spaced and 2gb of ram with 24 vcores) to have more disk space...and they suggested to upgrade to the new 'Standard' one that would give me twice the space and ram.

I asked about the cores as I have 24 virtual ones (very useful for concurrent DB queries when a heavy one doesn't block the small ones in the meantime), and support said that the new 2 dedicated cores should give me more "reliable" performance.

Well...I got the upgrade, and as before my CPU average consumption across 24 virtual cores was always between 1% and 6% max, now with two cores they are constantly 100% maxed out and everything is slowed down because if I have one PHP/Mysql heavy query then all the rest is slowed down even if before was taking a split second (for example a Node app with a SQLite database and multiple small queries).

I asked to talk with a supervisor, because obviously 24 shared cpus performed much better than two dedicated ones. On a machine with two websites using php/mysql and a few Node apps running on SQLite, 24 virtual cpus are obviously keeping everything running smoothly as the odd heavy/long process (we have some reports on php/mysql running for 5 or 10 minutes) are not influencing the normal small ones.

As a customer since many many years and with another bigger VPS with KH, I feel for the first time they start cheating on customers...

Thanks for your post. I do apologize that you feel we are cheating customers, as that is absolutely not the case. It sounds as if you've come from one of our extremely old legacy VPS packages that are based on a different CPU allocation. Those vCores are distributed among all customers and not guaranteed. This method is problematic for many reasons which is why we stopped selling it years ago. All new packages come with dedicated CPU resources on much more current hardware, however it does seem that you're historical usage requires more along the lines of 3-5 CPU cores.

I see you've already got a couple of tickets open and I'm going to go ahead and escalate the ticket so I can look into things further. Grand scheme of things two websites of moderate traffic shouldn't need 3-4 cores of CPU to operate so something is amiss.

I ask that you allow us time to finish investigating why your MySQL queries are eating the amount of resources they are.

I'll be updating your ticket shortly.
Very interesting that the official reply for now is that the problem is due to "inefficient queries" comes that those were running perfectly on old VPS configuration and now they don't?

The only thing that changed is CPU performances, not the queries that remained all the same.

Interesting you don't admit is the plans that are absolutely CPU inefficient. The downgrade in performance is INCREDIBLE, it's like going back to servers of 10 years ago.

More than inefficient it seems to me that the old system was too expensive for you, because in many many years with you I never had a single problem, infact you are the best provider I ever had (till now). "This method is problematic for many reasons" doesn't say anything, all providers have efficient ways to detect abuse in such virtualised environments, that are instead optimised to distribute power as needed (during spikes and during idle times).

Asked now to escalate it to supervisor, and eventually if needed to go back to old CPU configuration that is so much powerful, and asked as well if I can upgrade my plan with that configuration, that they still have because I do have another VPS with maximum disk/ram and the virtual cpus and it runs perfectly.

Apologies if I mis-spoke, as I have not had time to look over your services. It does appear that your node application is consuming the majority of the resources, and that falls outside of my forte to be able to tell you if you are using it efficiently or not. My initial reply was based upon where you had mentioned PHP/MySQL based websites.

I'm not sure what you are implying in regards to what we are not admitting to. The new packages are a much simplified and defined version, you purchase and pay for guaranteed CPU resources, if your VPS does not have enough resources it will ride the CPU limit and can do so 24/7/365. Those 24vcpus on the other hand with our legacy package are not dedicated to your VPS nor are you guaranteed access to all of them. Yes, it does provide you with burstable CPU which appears to be what has kept your VPS running smoothly in the past, however we monitor and maintain this system via archaic alerts and abuse tickets for customers comsuming more than their fair share which is wholly inefficient.

If you want to revert back to your legacy package I have no issues moving you back to that package, otherwise based on your resource needs you do need to be on a 4 core or higher package to ensure you have enough CPU performance for your application.

I will be updating your ticket shortly.
I replied and we can continue there, as I said surely the availability to deal with short burst of CPU peaks is at core of any good performing system, and a server in particular.

The reality is that having two dedicated cores vs 24 virtual cores is never going to be more efficient unless you host a couple of Wordpress websites (and with not too many visitors).

Surely software can always be optimised, but remain the fact that a server that was perfectly running on an old and cheaper plan (and never abused any resource in many years) is now performing 10 times less efficiently on your "new" plan that costs more.