DNS Zones


Where is the best place to edit my DNS Zones? There are more options than I know what to do with. Should I edit them at my registrar or within cPanel for each account? Or both? I want to make sure I do it right. I've searched for this and have found plenty of information on how to edit DNS, but nothing about where best to edit. Hope you can help.

You don't want to edit the DNS zone at the registrar unless you're hosting DNS at the registrar. From your recent posts this doesn't seem to be the case.

If you've followed instructions in your welcome email for setting up NS1/NS2 to point to your KnownHost server, then the KnownHost server will be authoritative and you'll want to edit zones via cPanel or WHM to ensure your changes are published. Please feel free to open a support ticket if you need help making DNS edits on the KnownHost server.
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Thanks William. I actually made DNS records at both my registrar and through WHM. I will delete those at my registrar, except the nameserver settings.
Are there significant disadvantages of using Cloudflare Managed DNS (without using its proxy feature) over hosting your own DNS through the VPS?

Because I recently migrated to Cloudflare Managed DNS (without enabling orange cloud), instead of using the VPS nameserver. My major reason is to avoid mail hard bounces if the VPS goes down. According to many people, you get speed boost, too, when it comes to DNS queries.