DNS zones...


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I signed up with the domain diggsnet.com. When I view my zone files there are 4 of them.


Are all three of these needed? I understand I need the ns1 and ns2, but I thought there would only be diggsnet.com and not www.diggsnet.com and host.diggsnet.com. I want to eventually add a CNAME called smtp. Don't ask, it is a special thing for my dad. Would I need to add this in diggsnet.com or www.diggsnet.com zone file? There just seems to be redundant entries all pointing to the same address/IP.
Hi opentoe,

I haven't seen it done that way but it certainly can be. WHM puts all the subdomains into the same zone file. I'd guess that is just the way their software/interface does it. When you go to add your subdomain you will likely just tell it the name and IP and it will do it's thing. Whether it adds another zone or not it will likely work.

Start deleting things and it may not ;)