DNS Wildcarding?


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I am unsure whether that is the term to use or not, but how would I enable my server to make any domain pointed to it, if an account is not created for it, to point to a particular page on the server I have made.

So if domaina.com exists as a domain in DirectAdmin, it has its own site, as normal. But if domainb.com is pointed to my nameservers, but no account is created for it, it is shown a default page that any other domains pointed to my server without an account being set up - is shown..?
Did some digging. It should be possible.

Here's the wiki on it and yes thats what its called:


As of now I can only find directadmin tutotials on making a specific domain name with a wildcard dns but not for the whole server meaning any domain name like you said that has not been set up yet. I will continue to search for you.

In the meantime just in case here's the directadmin page faq:


Most articals tell you how to create a *.domain.com setup but it sounds like you want to allow any domain to point to your server without parking it? I think you would have to do the same exept with the domain "com".
I am unsure entirely of how to go about it and thanks for digging up the articles. Its something simple yet as the server has to accomodate for sites already created, it makes the task of simply wildcarding somewhat more difficult. I think if I am unable to figure this out, I may just have to get another server although obviously if I could have it all contained on the same server then it would be more cost efficient and act as a rgood reference point for others trying to achieve the same thing.