DNS question... yes, another one :)


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I've set up domains before using my VPS DNS but this new one we setup looks a bit different than my previously established domains.

When I looked at Godaddy's domain detail under the DNS Zone File tab, I have A, CName, MX entries even though in the domain Settings tab I have set the Nameservers to the custom one we setup using the VPS IPs.

I looked at my existing domains and under the Zone Files tab, it says "The zone file is unavailable because the domain's set nameservers do not belong to this registrar."

I'm stumped :), Any pointers? Thank you!
A little late, but...
When you change your domain's NS in GoDaddy it takes a few minutes before it applies. As soon as it does apply you shouldn't even be able to access the Zone File tab as the DNS records are now set on your NS, and that's the error you received when you tried to view the Zone Files tab on your other domains.