DNS Issues


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My wife and I have a VPS on Knownhost hosting about 10 domains. A number of those domains seem to have DNS issues.

Originally, I thought it was an issue with Comcast, as at home if I changed my router's DNS servers to Google it could pull up my websites just fine. However, after trying on my Android phone on T-Mobile where it won't load them and talking to a Comcast tech, I'm wondering if it's on the Knownhost side.

Two of the websites in question are paulcutler.org and silwenae.org.

According to Comcast, something is wrong with the DNS server - when they try with their tools they are getting intermittent server fail responses and timeouts.

Does anyone have any suggestions of things to look at or try or should I file a ticket with Knownhost?


As I can see you have wrong "A" records for your nameserver names - they are pointing to some IPs outside of our network and these IPs are not responding.

# dig +short ns1.heartlandfabrics.com @
# dig +short ns2.heartlandfabrics.com @

To fix this just go to WHM >> DNS Functions >> Edit DNS Zone >> heartlandfabrics.com and change "A" record values for ns1/ns2.heartlandfabrics.com to (ns1) and (ns2). Please feel free to submit a support ticket if you require any assistance with this.

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