Diskspace blowout


Hey all,

My diskspace is gradually increasing and I need to reign it in. Any suggestions on where I delete unnecessary files? I've got logs under control and by my calculations I should have several gig free, but I'm up to 93% (of my 10 gig).


I'd say you have some other logs that need cleaned out or your statistics software may be behind... Additionally, if you have a popular site that has several errors or warnings then you may have some huge error_logs coming from PHP...

Hope this helps,
- Devon
Hello Pmcwebs,

cPanel updates will leave directories and files under your /home directory as well. Look for things like .cpupdates, .cpan, and the like. Essentially all that you should have under /home are your user folders and other things you may have created.

There is also the yum cache which is used when for system updates but once those updates are applied the cache files are no longer needed. You can clear this in SSH by doing 'yum clean all'.

The statistics software logs that Devon is speaking about will keep files in each user's tmp directory (ie /home/user/tmp/awstats). Cleaning these out will remove access statistics for the domain in question which I will usually leave the most recent month or two for them but how much history you leave for them is of course up to you.

Hope that helps!
This brings up a question I have have in the past. For those who are not really experienced with linux, can anyone provide a simple list of all folders that will likely accumulate stuff based on a normal VPS configuration over time that need to be purged? The areas mentioned above are a good start but I'm betting there are others as well.