Discord Bot / Node.js?


New Member
I have a dedicated VPS and am switching from slack to discord so I am in need of creating a bot to replicate some of the slash commands. I am new to the discord world but I have a few questions.

Can I install Node.JS?
Has anyone have advice for a discord bot?

Thanks in advance for your time.
Yes - to NodeJS. I would even say I don’t think it’d be an issue to run your own bot either, given it works with the Discord API and it’s private to you. I’m not so familiar with what kind of resources and queries a bot from discord would use, so I suspect a dedicated server would be best in this case.

If you need help installing NodeJS our support team will absolutely help - just ask. If you’re using cPanel, they have their own build of NodeJS in their EA4 repository, but I’m not sure what version it boasts or how often it’s updated, either.