Disappointed in Support


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hi guys,

I thought to let you know I am not happy with the last few tickets. Over four hours for responses on various issues.
Lets get back on track and keep up the awesome services here at KnownHost.
This is vital for you to keep up the outstanding customer service.

Do we have a deal ?
I personally would take exception with this statement. Some issues just take longer to resolve. Besides, In comparison to many other providers I have had experience with in the past, 4 hours is nothing. With many, customers gauge response times with a calendar rather then a clock. I feel KH does an exceptional job with their support times ! ! !
I couldn't agree more. Furthermore @webhostau, without context your post doesn't hold much weight. What were they tickets about? Did items need to be researched? Were hardware issues the cause? So many variables.
I second that and am interested in the issues you were/are having. Rather than use these forums as an "I'm unhappy with support" maybe use it as a tool for your peers to assist you.