Disappointed due to a casual approach by knownhost support that is causing us to lose business


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My website email services are blocked by major providers since past few days now. The issue (possibly) is that some other website hosted on the same net range as mine has been spamming, and despite multiple abuse reports no action was taken. Finally the net range was blacklisted.

The support is just waiting to resolve it, as staff shifts happen, putting all responsibility to resolve on spamhaus, knowing that such requests are a hit and miss more often.

KH CTO - Paul,

It is unacceptable to be so slow in responding to such issues that your clients are facing due to others faults.

This is what spamhaus states about this blacklisting:
Spammer & cybercriminal hosting (escalation)

Reports of abuse ignored. Abusers allowed to stay hosted. Not a network IP range we can advise our users to trust.

Apparently some other site on your network was involved in spamming and your checks failed to control it, despite reports of abuse.

There is no explanation on why business of trusting customers paying for your services will be impacted for so many hours and days, this is equivalent to significant downtime for our critical mail services.

If there is a need to change IP Addresses, it needs to done immediately without impacting our business.


Let me know who I need to escalate this incident to get an immediate fix in place. I won't accept any further delays.

I can assure you we are not taking a lax approach to this incident.

We have escalated this as high as it can be taken with SpamHaus and are very disappointed in their response to this. They provided us an update on a Saturday afternoon and allowed less than 24 hours for this issue to be addressed, to which we were already in the process of addressing it.

I do apologize but we cannot control the zealous nature of 3rd party RBL's who give little notice and little time to correct issues and become judge, jury and executioner all in one fell swoop. At this stage of the game we are at their mercy awaiting the final block to be lifted.

As soon as the issue is resolved you will be notified via the support system.

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Unfortunately blacklisting removal is not something that has an immediate fix. It can take days to get responses from those 3rd party blacklisting companies since they are often very slow to respond to issues, and when you do it's rarely in your favor, they'd rather just let their programming automate the process. Usually shared hosting (which KH doesn't even offer) has these types of issues, not VPS and Dedicated since you're in full control of all email coming out from your IP. Seems unusual for your IP to be blacklisted if it's not really sending out junk email. I'd be interested to know your domain to see what's going on with the blacklists.