Difference between check DKIM but still accept whatever result or disable DKIM check completely


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Hi Guys,

I just open EXIM configuration, and at this picture:

I just want to ask, what is difference between allow DKIM verification but then not reject it (option below set to off like default) and not doing DKIM verification for incoming message ?

My goal is still can receive all incoming messages, regardless mail attribute (invalid/missing/fail DKIM check). Because marketing division prefer receive all incoming mail regardless the attribute.

If both scenario (enable check but still allow email to pass and disable checking completely) have same result without additional log or other effects, i think disable completely will be better, any other opinion and explanation here ?

Thanks in advance.
If you want to receive all mails, then keep DKIM checking off. DKIM verification consumes resources, so can slowdown the server performance. DKIM verification will add entries to the mail header and you can check and verify if that passed DKIM check or not. If the option to reject is ON then server will automatically reject the mails which failed verification.