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Hello everyone,

i'm kind of new to all this, i recently got a hosting plan with you. I will be doing wordpress sites for several clients, and i'm planning on using this which is a complete package for wordpress site dev. I have cpanel running.

The real question is, to deploy the sites i need to use Node.js, gulp, Bower, gulp watch and BrowserSync and i wanted to know if those could be installed in my hosting? as i said i'm kind of new and i don't want to mess anything up.

I currently have a test site with bedrock+sage and works fine but i can't really use it's full potential without those tools. Can you please help out? i didn't want to send in a support ticket because maybe it's easier to discuss it first here.

Thank's again!
I had to look up what was. Very interesting stuff. Let me know if you actually get this installed and configured. Curious if this would be limited on a VPS.

From what I quickly searched it looks like for Trellis to work you will need to get vagrant and ansible installed and from the research it seems like this is plausible on a centos box.

Good luck and do let us know how it turns out!