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I am in need of support due to 500 server errors occurring on my website and it looks like it can't get done because support needs me to contact sales department to update my email address on file. I don't understand why we can't do it ourselves since it's our account, our username, and our password...

On top of that, I submitted a ticket to sales to change my email address and I explicitly said and quote " previous email address is no longer available." After "changing" the information, (and may I add it took them 1 hour to do a simple change) the old email address is still attached to my profile and support still cannot assist me.

Looks like I will have to look for another hosting provider soon since my website will continue suffering from a 500 server error.
@secretply If you can let me know your ticket number I'll take a look into this.

As long as the billing interface has been updated with the proper email address it will show as authorized in our support system.
Sales #481606 and Support #481637 (after changes were done). Support #481452 was the first ticket related to the 500 error.
I'll make sure this is taken care of. It does appear that once the email change was done that you were still logged into the old support account so even when the new ticket was created it posted under the old address.

I'll get your ticket swapped over to the new email address and assigned to a tech but you'll want to clear your browser cache and re-login to with the new email address to ensure everything syncs up.

VPS packages from US hosting providers,
The issue has been resolved and the 500 error was not caused by KnownHost at all. It was caused by an external API which has some privacy issues. When sales switched over my email address, I had to login with my new email address, for both billing and ticket systems, in order to submit the second support ticket but I'll just blame the cache. Sorry for all the trouble on the staff part.
I commend @secretply for coming back and updating this thread. Many times these threads will be abandoned, leaving the impression that the host was at fault when they are not.

And a huge THUMBS UP to KnownHost for jumping all over this and getting it resolved.