[DEMO] Nagios system performances monitor and alert notifications

Discussion in 'General Linux HOWTOs' started by class101, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. class101

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    Ps:If the demo passwd changed, check back this thread, I'll maintain the demo access to promote it for KnownHost customers because that's a must-have tool that deserves interest and lots of uses for KnownHost and its customers included.

    Hello there,

    I'm actually experimenting & would like to share a tool designed for monitoring servers that looks like very fantastic, it's an advanced opensource CGI application that is checking each 90sec by defaut all services that you define, it's monitoring system performances, CRITICAL or WARNING alerts can be sent by emails, to say short you can easily monitor all performances aspects of your system within on place, It has lots of plugins and its very well customizable to survey what do you need to keep an eye 24/7 on your system. Just like a small example I get Warning emails if it detects much than 1 user loggued in, it add a strong security just like the emaildemo below :)

    ***** Nagios *****
    Notification Type: PROBLEM
    Service: Current Users
    Host: localhost
    State: CRITICAL
    Date/Time: Fri Dec 14 06:11:44 EST 2007
    Additional Info:
    USERS CRITICAL - 2 users currently logged in


    login: demo
    pass: uh-DS-pL-DC-JK-6U-YF-YD-ek-hM-WU-ol

    It's running in a lighttpd chroot, don't waste your time cracking something the box is secured and uses unique MAC address passwd as the demo one on every services with a firewall setup, so don't waste your time and mine thanks.
  2. class101

    class101 New Member

    Post reserved for a possible futur tutorial on how to set it up fastly in a chroot jail webserver like lighttpd or Apache, I spent a few hours to figure out how due to the low speaks over the net on this but its finally perfectly running in my lighttpd chroot.
  3. class101

    class101 New Member

  4. class101

    class101 New Member

    Demo temp. off while all is not setup on my VPS, will be up in a few days
  5. class101

    class101 New Member

    *Added NagiosGrapher very useful to build Graphs of all service stats

    Ok finally demo up and won't add much as you can see Nagios + NagiosGrapher rox and I hope you'll start using it to limit useless loads on VPS machines and make our weblife easier.

    Enjoy , KnownHost 4 ever!
  6. bdmorrison

    bdmorrison New Member

    We actually use Nagios quite extensively in our data center to monitor over 200 servers (win2k, win2k3, freeBSD, solaris and novell).

    Having brought this topic up here, I have thought about finding a means to load up nagios to monitor the few sites that I do host as uptime on a couple of them have become more important recently...

    Now I just need to find a cheap host that isn't at colo-4-dallas/knownhost incase that location does go down.
  7. class101

    class101 New Member

    wow that must be indeed very useful when you have so much servers, thanks for sharing your feedback with us
  8. bdmorrison

    bdmorrison New Member

    It's all pretty new to me....the data center is for a University.

    But we are able to get notifications for host down/up, timeouts for our Apache and IIS servers and low-disk space errors.

    I really like what you have done and I'll have to do some more research.

    Do you have any usage statistics on your site as far as bandwidth or resources that hosts nagios?
  9. class101

    class101 New Member

    ha bandwith right I havent been searching inside nagios plugins if its checkable via nagios, for resources yet I'm using some non official nagios plugions

    check_mem to monitor the Memory usage and then NagiosGrapher is building the graphical stats so I can have a gobal view of the RAM usage uppon the time

    and check_cpu the same for surveying processor uses.

    They are both running under the service name CPU and RAM on my Nagios demo access.

    Dunno about bandwith maybe you can check on the plugin website http://www.nagiosexchange.org/ or tell to the mailing lists http://www.nagios.org/support/mailinglists.php the nagios-users one is very active I'm sure you can receive lots of feedbacks of people in the same situation as yours with so far much server monitoring knowledge than me hehe :)

    sorry for the crap english I'm french
  10. bdmorrison

    bdmorrison New Member

    I'm by no means much more knowledgeable than you. I've only been at my job for 3 months, and I don't administer the Nagios server, I just receive alerts and will disable notifications when I patch the windows servers.
  11. class101

    class101 New Member

    my main website is now open, put it in your bookmarks security is mustalook ;)
  12. class101

    class101 New Member

    demo closed bye. (ppc you can close the thread as you are very good to achieve this)

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