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I'm considering ordering the VPS M service, which I'll probably upgrade to at least the XL once I get settled and things look go. I've had a dedicated server running FreeBSD for about five years, and that's my only *nix experience. Given a changed business plan, the dedicated server is just way more than I need--which also makes it more of an admin headache than I need--as well as a financial waste. I know practically nothing about CentOS, but I haven't come across any FreeBSD VPS offerings that are to my liking--so here I am (found my way here from WHT).

I've never even used a control panel, so I'm able to tinker away at the command line, somewhat, and I prefer that over the CP's I've briefly tried in the past, but it looks like I might have to learn some stuff in order to use CentOS. Maybe the best way for me to ask this question: Is my copy of O'Reilly's Linex in a Nutshell, Third Edition (copyright 2000) going to be a useful reference for administering CentOS?

Also, What releases of Apache, PHP and MySQL are installed by default when you set up a VPS, or are those options offered in the ordering process?

Finally, for now, will you install ImageMagik for me in the setup? I ask this only because I remember having extensive difficulties with installing that one on my FreeBSD box. Those problems I had installing IM may have just been a quirk in my particular system, but it wasn't good for my mood for a while! *g*

Thanks for your attention

CentOS is the same as Redhat Enterprise so there are many technical references for this. I wouldn't think it would take you a ton of time to learn it if you used FreeBSD as you must be technical as is. We can help you along the way as well. Your book I don't know personally but our support guys may be able to help with that one.

The Apache, PHP, and MySQL versions are dependent on the control panel so that is something to make note of. cPanel supports MySQL 5x, Apache 1x, and PHP 4x and 5x. Plesk supports MySQL 4x, Apache 2x, and PHP 4x and 5x. Webmin you can use what you want. We can help install it too. It really isn't a control panel more a GUI interface for configurations of the VPS/Server.

ImageMagik isn't installed by default but upon your request we can take care of it. Let us know if you have any further questions.


Thanks for your very quick reply. I found some CentOS manuals at that look very good, I'll review them.

All things considered, I'll probably just go with Webmin. In that case, would I tell you after ordering (or in an order comment) which Apache, MySQL and PHP to install?

I saw mentioned elsewhere that you soon will be offering DirectAdmin. Is that something that could be added after ordering, or would it need to be included at setup? Also, does it have the same kind of selection limitations on Apache, MySQL and PHP as CPanel and Plesk?

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Yes, in the comments section in the orderwiz list the versions of Apache, PHP, and MySQL you want to use.

Directadmin I don't know exactly what versions they use but will soon know. I believe they support the most current versions of each. We are releasing it very soon (under 2 weeks). We are launching it with our new website. One thing to make note of you wouldn't be able to technically upgrade from Webmin to Directadmin or to Cpanel for example. We have no problem creating a new VPS at no fee for you but it would have to be installed from scratch.

Well. I just gotta say that I'm very impressed with you guys so far. I've torn myself away from poking around my already-set-up VPS to say so. Therefore, this message won't be long. *grin*

If the service I've received from you so far is any example, you're going to really grow--and I just hope you're prepared to keep up with it.