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Discussion in 'Linux VPS - DirectAdmin' started by mushy, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. mushy

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    I am new to VPS, just got VPS a day back. I have a TellAFriend forms on my websites. Problem is that when I am sending mail through TellAFriend script to my own account on this server ([email protected]) then I am receiving a mail but when I am sending mail to outside account like hotmail ([email protected]) then I am not receiving mail on my hotmail account. Why is that, please help me to resolve this... I was on shared hosting before with cpanel. I am really new to VPS as well as to Direct Admin.

    Help will be highly appreciated...
  2. mylinear

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  3. mushy

    mushy New Member

    Thanks for the reply. Yes, I just checked, Problem is with hotmail only. I almost lost conciousness when i found that people can't send mail from knownhost in one of the thread here but thanks for link to post. I will contact hotmail, and hopefully they will send solve the problem. But I have one question. What information did you send them. Should I only send them my VPS ip address only or i have to send them nameserver etcs and some other things as well... if you can tell me what you sent to them then it will be great help... I am really new to VPS so I don't know much details about much technical mailing thingies..
  4. mylinear

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    Before you contact Hotmail, ask support to setup a reverse DNS for your VPS IP. Also setup a SPF record for your domain on the VPS.

    Then when you contact Hotmail, give them your VPS IP address, the RDNS hostname, the domain name, the SPF record and any other info Hotmail may request.
  5. Dan

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    This is not as strange as it sounds, I have had problems sending email to them with every host I have ever had. Yahoo as well.

    Follow the steps Mylinear has laid out for you as they won't help you at all without RDNS and SPF in place for the domain.

    Next question will be who does your script send as? If it doesn't show as being sent from the domain with SPF then you will continue to have problems.
  6. mushy

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    mylinear, I have Personal Messaged you. Please check Your Private Message. Thanks regards.

    DAN, I am using TellAfriend scripts on my website, SocketMail & phpbb. I don't have much knowledge but I suppose all of them would be using default php() mail and it would show my domain. But i am really not sure...
  7. mylinear

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    PM received and reply sent.
  8. urbantoy

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    OMG! I'm having the same problem with sending out mails to my hotmail and yahoo account. Why is it that it will go through if you are using share hosting ?

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