Dedicated Servers



I see on your website that you do not offer dedicated servers. Can you offer me a dedicated server, because i have heard great things about your company and your support...

This might be weird but If I cannot get a "dedicated server", can I just purchase multiple VPS's on one server until I would be the only one on the server?

I'm looking at the VPS L and XL and XXL and I like the specs except for the hard drive space, i need more and i was wondering if you could give me a deal on HD space or a dedicated server...I would want at least 50 GB of HD...


Hello Dan,

We have been getting requests for dedicated servers but aren't planning to do them yet. We did introduct a new VPS (Triple X) which is quite popular. For the price, resources, and type of Server it is on the price is good.

Regarding your requests we can't sell 50GB of Disk Space. But 40GB is possible as we sell +10GB Disk Space as an al la carte addon. You can buy a few VPS's and we can put you on the same server with several IP's or mix you up on servers. All resources will have to be assigned to specific VPS's not shared amongst multiple VPS's.

Any questions let us know.


KnownHost Sales
If I buy three VPS XL's why cant you just combine them into one VPS package(one logon), (i.e: 20 GB X 3 and just assign that hard drive limit to one login....etc. in virtuozzo)

Seems like an interesting idea that could be useful for me as well...
With Virtuozzo each VPS has it's own IP's, DNS, control panel, etc.. So it isn't possible to combine three into one. If you are thinking of a workaround run it by us first so you are safe rather then sorry.

I dont think I explained it clearly,

I guess you could say I'm asking for a custom package,

You offer as a plan the VPS XL for $40 a month, that includes 20GB disk space and 256 MB min ram,

Why cant you quote me a custom package that would be $120-($40 X 3) a month for one VPS and I would get 60 GB of disk space and 768 MB of min RAM?

Unfortunately we do not offer custom VPS's. Our largest VPS plan available is the Triple X. Please let me know if you have any further questions.