Dedicated server without cpanel


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Hello, today many customers have asked me for dedicated server without cpanel.
Have you considered this option in the future ?.

I had to reject , at least 5 orders because they (clients) asked me without cpanel servers .

It would be a good choice.


We use to allow this option, however, a very well organized group of spammers is notorious for going to managed hosting providers, purchasing a dedicated server full price then asking for cPanel to be removed. I would Google the names, domain names and email addresses of the people asking for a dedicated server without cPanel and likely it will all tie back to several large spam operations. We do make exceptions if someone can legitimately show a need for not having cPanel, but at the end of the day we are a managed cPanel hosting provider so dropping cPanel from a dedicated server and not having management on it already throws up red flags.
Hello Daniel. I understand the situation . But according to Ms. Deborah it is not possible , according to their response .

Will there be any way to order a dedicated server without cpanel ?
For example ask the client the domain name , name and address of the company,
reason to hire a server without cpanel, etc ? and then consult to knownhost with this information ?


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Via our normal sales channels generally no. I would say 95% of all dedicated servers ordered without cPanel turned out to be fraud and/or mailing related so as a policy we just have to decline those orders. Very few have been provisioned without cPanel but this normally entails a multi server order and custom configurations along the lines of clusters etc.

If you feel you have a sale that might qualify for that ask for me in your sales ticket and I'll review over your information, but as I mentioned the ones we accept without cPanel are few and far between now.