Dedicated MySQL server


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Hi guys,

I bought a VPS SSD-4 today without cPanel because I was thinking on use the server like a dedicated database server.

Before I bought the VPS, I spoke to the billing team, and they told me that the support team could help with that.

After KH provisioned the VPS I ask to the support team to help me with disable the unnecesary services and just left the mySQL service and security things... and here is the response:

"I can't find any control panels installed in this server. Control panel less servers are unmanaged and there is not much we can do except start/restart it, if that is inaccessible. Let us know, if you have further queries."

Also I checked the mySQL version and is the 5.1, and the PHP version is 5.3. (I require mySQL version 5.5 because have a better performance than 5.6)

What I have to do?
Hi guys!

KH support finally help me with the mySQL upgrade and I disabled the others unnecesary services.