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I have 9 VPS (was 10 ) with knownhost and recently one VPS was canceled due to DDOS Attacks.

Knownhost gently contacted me asking about content/programs on that server but there were no irc servers or gaming servers. The VPS belonged to a web designer who hosted his sites and had a gaming forum ( just discussion, no download, link to illegal download = ban ).

The server had DDos deflate but that didn't worked. The DDOS attack happened two times within 24 hours and i was contacted in order to remove the VPS from knownhost network ( lost the client :( ).

What's the point of creating the Thread?

Well, this happened to a VPS like the others that i have. I don't have any kind of illegal content hosted and most of the sites that i host belongs to companies that mostly uses mail service. What will happen if someone attacks another VPS that i own? I'll just have to send more clients away?

I know that DDOS attacks are trick but there must be a way to stop this instead of canceling the VPS.

Does anyone of you had similar experiences?

Thanks for reading this.