DC question



I have been looking at your service for quite some time now, there have been so much rave reviews,

i'm looking at your forum now and I see based on the forum and on people's reviews that the support is excellent and the servers never go down but i see now on the forum that there have been alot of issues with the data centers network connections-in my oppinion it does not seem reliable-i really want your service but am questiontanable now considering all of these network issues--i need good uptime and i need a reliable network

what is knownhost's take on these issues and what steps if any are you taking?


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There were some DDOS attacks on the Colo4dallas network which had some issues a few weeks back. Since then Colo4dallas is adding new equipment to address such attacks. In general other then that the network is very solid. They use Internap and Level in a BGP setup. I am confident these recent issues are being addressed. We have posted updated information on this in our network page of our forum.