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If a customer chose your company and you advertise:

With so many hosting companies to choose from, we at KnownHost want to make this important decision as easy as possible. We are able to offer free migration services when transferring from one of the following supported control panels. cPanel.

My old host has cPanel. Just purchased our 10th VPS here and for some reason my website does not open here on the new server. I told Support, I have only cPanel details from old host. Here are all details. After the transfer failed, Support told me:

You can export a database dump on the source server via cPanel using phpMyAdmin. If you'll export the dump and upload it to the server, I can import it for you.

I told Support I'm not familiar with this. This why there is support right? and that's why there is a migration team right?
And that's why you offer free migration to make it 'easy as possible'

Now I get " Copying the database manually would be covered by our premium migration assistance services, which we offer at a rate of $35/hr"

I ordered a KH Managed Service and I have Cpanel at the old host. Why pay $35 extra just to transfer 1 cPanel website over.
We can only do transfers from cPanel servers where backup functionality is enabled. Without being able to see the context I can't say much more on the specific case.

What's the ticket #?
Hi Jonathan, ticket: #779421
PS: I'm not familiar with transferring a cPanel mysql database file over. We only have cPanel details at the old host. No root access.
Yeah, it looks like the problem is definitely in the backup file so there's not much we can do other than offer a solution which in this case is our manual migration service.

There are several large hosts out there that intentionally break or otherwise interfere with cPanel backups to make it harder for people to move away from them but that doesn't appear to the be case here. Here, it just appears to be their system generating bad backup files.
@marcacer another staff member just pointed out to me, and it's pretty obvious in the ticket too, it would appear this account is using the database from another account which naturally wouldn't have come over when migrating this particular account.

If that other account gets migrated I bet all will be well :)