CSF dropping Virtuozzo/OpenVZ support


Looks like ConfigServer is dropping support for Virtuozzo/OpenVZ, here's a snippet from the version 14.02 changelog
NOTICE: We are deprecating support for Virtuozzo/OpenVZ servers. Future releases will not take into consideration those platforms which have become onerus to support. The software application may continue to work but support and functionality is no longer guaranteed
Are there even any decent viable alternatives for CSF?

Well that's a new one to look into. As far as things that integrate as well as CSF does, not really to be honest. Overall there's really not a lot of differences in iptables management and how it functions, it's more about additional features that full kernel access provides. I'll have to dig into it more but I'd be willing to wager that it's in relation to additional features that most of our users probably don't use.
I did find this post on ConfigServer's forum stating that it will keep working but that changes may need to be made to the default installation for new servers. Hopefully they will at least provide some guidance on what should be changed.

That's some comfort at least however does this mean that it will eventually stop working? I guess that only time will tell.